Future of Snootle

OK, my experimentation has ended. The weekly Snootle isn’t working for me or for you. It needs to be updated to twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fine with me, this once per week is making me miss my Snootle!

Regarding Snootle animation. This is a huge learning curve, but I’m continuing to press on. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a monthly Snootle cartoon???!

There are a few more books in the works! Two of the books will be in a comic book format, and the other will be in a storybook format. I am having a hoot making them, for sure!

Regarding Comic Sherpa, I received notice that the new site will be coming soon. Once that site is up, Snootle will return as a feature. Eeeeee! Fun!

The new Snootle book is here!

Throwback Thursday – Turn, Turn, Turn

Second Snootle

This was the second Snootle and the first daily to debut in 2004. At the time, it took so long to draw a Snootle, I could only do about two per day! Each Snootle was measured and cut out from a large piece of Bristol board. From there, it was hand drawn, inked, scanned and resized for the website. I can do a full color these days in a fraction of the time!

When first drawing Snootle, my dog at the time, Nalah used to do this every time she went to lay down! Now, it seems every dog I meet does this spinning thing. Haha!