Extra, Extra – Read All About It!

Tia Petty is an independent cartoonist who thrives on making people laugh or at least, giggle. Snootle comics is Tia’s gift to the world. It is a fun comic strip about a melodramatic puppy and an opinionated garden snake who think it is their duty to take care of a human.

What does it mean to be an independent cartoonist? An independent cartoonist is in control of his or her writing, and it is ultimate freedom of creativity. Freedom, however comes with a price – it is a wee bit more difficult to get the word out.

Cartoonists like Tia depend on people who enjoy reading their comics. Faithful readers like you, need only do two things to help:

1. Read Snootle comics and
2. Tell other people about Snootle!

Snootle comics are free to read, and will always be free to read at: