Snootle Then and Now

You never know how far you’ve come as a cartoonist until you’ve compared your very earliest work to your most current. Snootle began as a series of gag sketches back in 2002, over the next few years, developed into a full blown comic strip. Now in 2017, it is the focus of my artistic voice.

Snootle was inspired by a dog who was a mixed breed, we didn’t really know what she was, but her nickname was Snootle which derived from Snoot, and my Cairn Terrier, Doodles who was from my childhood. The size and other puppinality came from yet another little dog from my teen years named Slush Puppy, who was a Yorkshire Terrier. The yorkie loved to ride in my backpack while I was riding my bicycle. (Back in the day where the fun police didn’t deem everything dangerous, such as when your dog escaped or not wearing a helmet on a 2 mile per hour tricycle … or Big Wheel (just dated myself, haha.)