Comic Sherpa

For more than a year, I’ve been updating Snootle at, which your reaction is probably “What’s Comic Sherpa?”, which is precisely my point! They do not advertise, it’s a black hole on the Web.

The owners of Comic Sherpa, which is decided that the independent cartoonists are just not worth their time. “We’re working on it, but, but, but”, is what I read from their emails. Let’s get technical, this is an excerpt from the email: “Alas, we have had to admit we won’t be able to keep that schedule. But for reasonable reasons. The new GC site has continued to take up a lot of the tech crew’s time, and other urgent projects keep popping up and demanding attention.”

That’s fine. ComicSherpa is not worth my time either. Not bitter, just need to move on for now. Maybe one day in the distant future this will change.

Snootle is updated regularly at, and on certain social media sites, such as and



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