Snootle in: How To Treat Your Puppy

It’s here! The new Snootle book is now available on Amazon Kindle! (Paperback coming soon!)

Snootle is back in an all new adventure! Join Snootle and Patrick as they learn how to cope with the growing pains of puppyhood!

Kindle edtion is free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 to buy!

Just type in “Snootle” in the Amazon search bar to discover more Snootle brand merchandise!

New Book, Sneak Preview!

I’m making a children’s book featuring Snootle! This book will be about how to take care of a puppy. It’s fun, and I will announce the title at a later date. This book should be in print within the next month, if all goes well!

In the meantime, there is a new Snootle game (free) to play, a few new comics, videos, as well as T-shirts and the anthology Snootle book available!