It is hard to write an ‘about’ page, I really have no idea what you want to know. Let us start with the basics. Hi! My name is Tia Petty. Tia is the last three letters from my first name, Anawanitia. I do not know what my parents Bill and Pam were thinking. (Hugs!) Imagine yourself being an elementary school kid trying to spell Anawanitia, let alone an adult trying to say it. Haha.

Tia Petty

I have been drawing all my life, and have been playing guitar since…. eeerrrrmm well before cellphones, the Internet and affordable laptops, but Nintendo rocked! As a kid, I got into big trouble after drawing a portrait of my black cat on the wall with a Sharpie pen. In college, I took drawing courses, then went to private teachers to help me understand the voodoo of oil painting. Oil, acrylics and watercolors are all seriously different animals.

My old portable oil box

In the early 2000s I had accepted a job as an editorial cartoonist at the Big Bear Grizzly Newspaper. Editorial cartooning is like political cartooning, but you have to draw whatever the editor of the paper is writing about, which is usually local issues like potholes, taxes and picking on the city officials. It was a good job, but I wanted to write my own cartoons that did not involve insulting people or making jokes of horrific situations. I want a cartoon that is funny to a 6-year-old, and a belly laugh to a 56-year-old. It’s a worthy goal because laughing is the best.

A few years before the cartooning job, my husband (the best human in the world) and I adopted a cute pointy-eared dog. I noticed that dog and the two little dogs I had grown up with were all yellow, brown and white with pointy ears. So I started to doodle a cartoon dog with those features.

Old Snootle Sketchbook
Early Snootle comic strip

I got the name Snootle from my second dog’s name, Doodles, and my recently passed 🙁 dog’s nickname, Snoot. I debuted Snootle comics online in 2004 at Snootle.com, and submitted the feature to a zillion syndicates. They ALL said the same thing: “your cartoon has animals, we will never be able to get rid of it, but keep it up.” Well, that was my whole plan! Draw silly dog cartoons until I’ve gone to the next level (so to speak)! Nothing wrong with that. So, now I draw Snootle as a webcomic for the world to enjoy for free! 🙂

Today’s Snootle comic

Each week of Snootle comics has its own theme that begins on Sunday. Not only is it easier for me to keep track, I have a method to my madness. Many people only enjoy the Sunday comics, but will idea of where the rest of the week is going. Each day has its own joke, but there is a beginning, middle and an end from Sunday to Saturday. This makes for a good one minute YouTube video. A week of Snootle takes two pages, which is beautiful art to hang on the wall and as a layout in a book that will be published at the end of each year beginning in 2017.

Thanks for reading!

Tia Petty, cartoonist of Snootle