Today, well, actually, yesterday (at the time of this writing) was the first time this season, I felt good. Basically, from May until mid-July, I am allergic to the planet and as such, do not get much sleep. (The nature of my day job requires absolute and complete coherency, and as such, I cannot use allergy medications. I go into lala land, even with the ‘day’ pills). But last night, wow, I slept for about five hours without waking up. So I feel great. (Let’s keep that statement in the present tense!) I was in the mood for exploration of art and pushing my abilities. I was in the mood for bright and vibrant colors, fun, and doing something different. Hope you enjoy!

Regarding the storyline of this week, unfortunately, our puppy dog had gotten fleas, which more than likely stemmed from her recent visit to the groomers. (A future Snootle comic week). Poor puppy. Yes, most of these situations I write about are about real doggy problems. So this week, I’m writing about the trials and tribulations of ‘bug season’.

Snootle Videos

Snootle videos are now found by clicking “Snootle Videos” under the category tab, rather than in the menu. All new videos will be shown as a blog post. Google isn’t playing very nice, even though I’ve been a Googler since the beginning. My video service is now at,, and seem to be having some success there. 🙂



This Week

Snootle comics are series comics. Each week there is a new story that begins on Sunday. This past Sunday I felt the need to congratulate Frank Page on his comic strip, Bob The Squirrel. So now I have to continue on with this theme. This week will be filled with jokes from my favorite comic strips. As each comic strip posts, see if you can guess which comic strip I’m referring to. 🙂