Throwback Thursday – Bit Coin

Doge bit coin

This Snootle is one of the first digital cartoons I did. As you can see, it was really difficult for me at first to get used to the digital format! It was a very rough (pun not intended) drawing! This was created on an Hewlett-Packard Touchsmart and drawn with Photoshop, I forgot the exact date, but it was around the time when the Doge-bitcoin came around. Haha.

Live Snootle Drawing

This drawing was done last year some time, I didn’t know that it was still around. The drawing is a complete daily comic that shows Snootle and Kiwi. Those of you who do not know, I create Snootle comics and cartoons using Procreate on an iPad Pro. The Periscope video is not a speed painting, but gives you the complete method to my madness. Turn the audio off, I wasn’t narrating, and all you hear are clicks from the Apple pencil and the rubbing of my drawing glove. It is meditative to watch. 🙂

Click on the image and it will take you to the video. Cheers!

Throwback Thursday – Turn, Turn, Turn

Second Snootle

This was the second Snootle and the first daily to debut in 2004. At the time, it took so long to draw a Snootle, I could only do about two per day! Each Snootle was measured and cut out from a large piece of Bristol board. From there, it was hand drawn, inked, scanned and resized for the website. I can do a full color these days in a fraction of the time!

When first drawing Snootle, my dog at the time, Nalah used to do this every time she went to lay down! Now, it seems every dog I meet does this spinning thing. Haha!