Snootle on Affinity Designer for iPad

This morning I woke up to a new awesome app for my iPad Pro called Affinity Designer. It is a vector art program that is on par with Adobe Illustrator. It is a fun program. I wanted to draw this week’s Snootle on this new app rather than Procreate just so I can get the feel of the Affinity Designer. Well, it is new and I came across soooo many bugs I ran out of bug spray; but it was fun to try. All those white pieces you see on Snootle’s face? They just randomly showed up right at the end of my drawing! And that color picker circle never went away. But, it was an experience, and the picture is funny, so it wasn’t an entire failure. haha haha.

If you want to learn more about this new app, read the article at my other website, There is a video too!

The Paperback Version of Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy

The paperback version of Snootle In: How to Treat Your Puppy came in today. I have to say, it is pretty fantastic! It is as large as the first book at 8.5 by 11 inches, and is very immersive and colorful!

The book is a 25-page childrenโ€™s book about how Snootle met Patrick. They have to learn how to live with each other, and how to survive puppyhood. The book gives basic, but effective tips in dog obedience training. The book is written in a simple way so young readers can learn and understand. It also has many laughs to keep mom and dad entertained while reading to their children.

The paperback book is available on Amazon for $9.99. The Kindle version is available for $2.99 or free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Snootle in: How To Treat Your Puppy

Itโ€™s here! The new Snootle book is now available on Amazon Kindle! (Paperback coming soon!)

Snootle is back in an all new adventure! Join Snootle and Patrick as they learn how to cope with the growing pains of puppyhood!

Kindle edtion is free with Amazonโ€™s Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 to buy!

Just type in โ€œSnootleโ€ in the Amazon search bar to discover more Snootle brand merchandise!