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Snootle videos are now found by clicking “Snootle Videos” under the category tab, rather than in the menu. All new videos will be shown as a blog post. Google isn’t playing very nice, even though I’ve been a Googler since the beginning. My video service is now at,, and seem to be having some success there. 🙂



This Week

Snootle comics are series comics. Each week there is a new story that begins on Sunday. This past Sunday I felt the need to congratulate Frank Page on his comic strip, Bob The Squirrel. So now I have to continue on with this theme. This week will be filled with jokes from my favorite comic strips. As each comic strip posts, see if you can guess which comic strip I’m referring to. 🙂

Commemorating Bob The Squirrel

What about Bob? Why did I commemorate Bob The Squirrel by Frank Page in today’s Snootle comic? Back in the day, 2002, I was being interviewed for a editorial assistant, and the editor asked me if I could draw editorial cartoons. I didn’t know what an editorial cartoon was, and certainly didn’t know how to draw one. I said yes while shaking my head no. She had given me a weekend to come up with a cartoon.

Well, I had to try! Keep in mind, my husband and I were in our early 20s and had relocated for work, which was far away from friends and family. I needed to put every effort into succeeding! Anxiety! What was an editorial cartoon??? What is the difference between an editorial cartoon and a political cartoon?

The town had a tiny library and one book about political cartoons. The book was an autobiography of Doug Marlette who was a cartoonist politics and had daily comic strip called Kudzu. I read his book cover to cover in a day, and it gave me some insights. Plus, he was a firecracker! Hahaha

So, what is the difference between an editorial cartoon and a political cartoon. On the surface, not much. A political cartoon pokes fun at politics, and current issues. While the editorial cartoon does the same thing, it is usually accompanied by an article.

During this time the internet wasn’t considered Kosher for research as it is today. That fact is easy to forget! But I had found some political cartoons in which Page’s cartoons were among them. His cartoons made me laugh more than the others. So I began to follow his work.

Luckily about a year earlier, a complete stranger who believed in my fine art had gifted me with Bristol board, thank you stranger! I drew the best I could on that Sunday, and did get the job! Happy dance! I stayed at The Grizzly for about three years, and then relocated again.

The problem for me with editorial cartooning, was that you have to be the the innocent looking kid who would leave a flaming poop bag on your porch. So, to alleviate this stress, I had began to draw funny dog pictures.

Frank Page had also started Bob The Squirrel around that same time. Bob the Squirrel was funny and cute. Since he was lightyears ahead of the game, Page is someone to look up to.

Frank Page will be celebrating his 5000th Bob the Squirrel comic strip on June 8th. CONGRATULATIONS, MR. PAGE!!!

His website is

Extra, Extra – Read All About It!

Tia Petty is an independent cartoonist who thrives on making people laugh or at least, giggle. Snootle comics is Tia’s gift to the world. It is a fun comic strip about a melodramatic puppy and an opinionated garden snake who think it is their duty to take care of a human.

What does it mean to be an independent cartoonist? An independent cartoonist is in control of his or her writing, and it is ultimate freedom of creativity. Freedom, however comes with a price – it is a wee bit more difficult to get the word out.

Cartoonists like Tia depend on people who enjoy reading their comics. Faithful readers like you, need only do two things to help:

1. Read Snootle comics and
2. Tell other people about Snootle!

Snootle comics are free to read, and will always be free to read at:





Snootle Stuff and Videos

Snootle Stuff and Snootle Videos are in the works. I haven’t found a suitable place to get print on demand stuff at this time. I haven’t forgotten to upload the previous videos for the past Snootle comics. The videos are in the process of being recreated to make it more visually interesting. Not that there was anything wrong with the first set of videos, but I know I can do better. Also I want to have my own music featured on the videos.  🙂

Snootle Prints signed by the cartoonist will be coming soon. The prints are a week of Snootle comics. The large format prints come in a set of two, and smaller will be one page. These will be available at under Snootle Stuff.