The Paperback Version of Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy

The paperback version of Snootle In: How to Treat Your Puppy came in today. I have to say, it is pretty fantastic! It is as large as the first book at 8.5 by 11 inches, and is very immersive and colorful!

The book is a 25-page children’s book about how Snootle met Patrick. They have to learn how to live with each other, and how to survive puppyhood. The book gives basic, but effective tips in dog obedience training. The book is written in a simple way so young readers can learn and understand. It also has many laughs to keep mom and dad entertained while reading to their children.

The paperback book is available on Amazon for $9.99. The Kindle version is available for $2.99 or free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Snootle in: How To Treat Your Puppy

It’s here! The new Snootle book is now available on Amazon Kindle! (Paperback coming soon!)

Snootle is back in an all new adventure! Join Snootle and Patrick as they learn how to cope with the growing pains of puppyhood!

Kindle edtion is free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 to buy!

Just type in “Snootle” in the Amazon search bar to discover more Snootle brand merchandise!

The Snootle Book is Here!


Snootle the book

Melodramatic, energetic, ball full of furry destruction, Snootle is a going through a puppy life crisis! She teams up with Repty, a bossy garden snake, in order to protect their human, Patrick from getting into trouble. Join Snootle and her friends in this comical full color book!

The goal of this Snootle book is to provide you with funny, light-hearted stories with lovable characters, and present it to you with beautiful, full color artwork in a fun comic strip format.

This book is a whopping ninety-six pages, and eight inches wide by eleven and a half inches tall! It has hundreds of Snootle comics!

When I had began this series of Snootle comics, this book was the forefront of my mind. I wanted it to be a colorful book that read as a minute bedtime story. As you turn each page, the two facing pages are its own story. If you were to read the comics online, you will have to begin on a Sunday and read it through Saturday.

The difference between the online comic strip versions and the printed book, is that the book contains high-quality images that were edited for maximum color and readability. Even though the images and lettering were edited, the charm of the natural progression as an artist was preserved.

The detail in the book is so much better than the website version, you can see even the tiniest detail and the beautiful color transitions. For example, the comic strip where Snootle goes into la-la land, and dives into the water and a bubble becomes her helmet; there is a pearlescent man-o-war jellyfish that is so pretty. The book is so detailed that you can see the reflection dot on Snootle’s nose in that particular panel, which is smaller than a needle point.

Additionally, I had created comics specifically for the book and were never shown at

At the beginning of this book, Microsoft and Adobe were doing everything in their power to make me hate them and my old Windows 7 HP TouchSmart laptop. I had saved enough money to purchase a new computer. Choosing a computer has always been a difficult decision. Regardless of which platform of Windows or Mac to choose from, between the computer themselves, and all of the necessary software and accessories to do this project; the price would have soared well over $2,000!

Luckily, the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil had just came about, so I chose that. With the iPad, I was able to get a great keyboard, Apple pencil, wireless backup hard drive, wireless printer and the necessary apps for less than the cost of a Macbook Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro.

It took a month of experimentation with dozens of apps to set up the iPad to do all of the mundane computer things and replace the Adobe Creative Suite. I created the panels in MediBang Paint, drew and colored the images in Procreate, and finally pieced the book together with Comic Draw. The lower resolution website versions of the comics, were formatted in Pixelmator. The fonts featured on the Snootle book cover and on all of the website versions of the comics is my own handwriting that was created with iFontMaker. The whole book turned out perfectly!

The Snootle book is printed in the USA, and is available at for $19.99!

Snootle Stuff and Videos

Snootle Stuff and Snootle Videos are in the works. I haven’t found a suitable place to get print on demand stuff at this time. I haven’t forgotten to upload the previous videos for the past Snootle comics. The videos are in the process of being recreated to make it more visually interesting. Not that there was anything wrong with the first set of videos, but I know I can do better. Also I want to have my own music featured on the videos.  🙂

Snootle Prints signed by the cartoonist will be coming soon. The prints are a week of Snootle comics. The large format prints come in a set of two, and smaller will be one page. These will be available at under Snootle Stuff.