Snootle Videos

Snootle videos are now found by clicking “Snootle Videos” under the category tab, rather than in the menu. All new videos will be shown as a blog post. Google isn’t playing very nice, even though I’ve been a Googler since the beginning. My video service is now at,, and seem to be having some success there. 🙂



Snootle Stuff and Videos

Snootle Stuff and Snootle Videos are in the works. I haven’t found a suitable place to get print on demand stuff at this time. I haven’t forgotten to upload the previous videos for the past Snootle comics. The videos are in the process of being recreated to make it more visually interesting. Not that there was anything wrong with the first set of videos, but I know I can do better. Also I want to have my own music featured on the videos.  🙂

Snootle Prints signed by the cartoonist will be coming soon. The prints are a week of Snootle comics. The large format prints come in a set of two, and smaller will be one page. These will be available at under Snootle Stuff.