Snootle is a cute little puppy. Much to the dismay of Patrick, Snootle needs to be groomed often as she has a shedding problem. Snootle hates baths and will do anything to get out of taking one. Spending her free time daydreaming of coyotes, she often finds herself digging to escape the confines of her back yard. Coyotes fascinate Snootle by their freedom to roam around, eat whatever they want, sing and having a controllable tail. Snootle has a wild wagging tail, especially when excited, and she is only allowed to eat dog food.


Repty is an orphaned garter snake that lives in an aquarium in Patrick’s bedroom. Repty is the best friend of Snootle and Patrick. Repty’s parents got taken away by a pet store owner after he was born and were sold. All alone, he was left to wander the streets and didn’t even have a name. He took refuge in Snootle’s back yard. Patrick found the little garter snake and named him Repty. Repty was pleased that he found someone who didn’t recoil in terror at the sight of him.


Patrick is Snootle the dog and Repty the snake’s best friend. They often find loads of trouble just from their backyard, especially when it comes to encounters with Tilly the squirrel and Aster the cat. Much to the grief of Patrick, Snootle tends to escape the back yard, where he finds many adventures in hunting for his dog. When not chasing after Snootle, Patrick is often found in his bedroom on his computer, with Snootle sleeping at his feet.


Tilly is a gray squirrel who drinks coffee and walks sideways on the trees in order to balance the coffee. It looks like she is walking straight up with her hind legs. Her favorite pastime is to pester Snootle and get her into trouble with Patrick. Tilly lives in a tree in the backyard. She is neighbors to Prim, Rose and Bud, the escaped parakeets of Mrs. Florrie.


Bud is the budding parakeet teenager of Prim and Rose who often listens to loud music and disturbs Snootle. He often gets Snootle, Patrick and Repty in trouble with his wild ideas and adventures.


Kiwi is a Pomeranian and the spoiled rotten princess of the group. She is cute, witty, and gets away with everything.


Millet is a house mouse with cowboy instincts. He thinks quick on his feet and can figure a way out of any bad situation.


Honeydew is a fruit bat who loves flowers and beauty. She tries to get the tomboy Snootle to enjoy more girly things such as wearing bows and picking flowers.

Mrs. Florrie

Mrs. Florrie is the sweet old neighbor of Patrick, he finds himself learning many lessons from her wisecrack teachings. She had owned the parakeet family Prim, Rose and Bud, but they had escaped the cage from the clutches of Aster, her cat. After the parakeets escape, they had made a home in the adjacent yard. Mrs. Florrie now enjoys their company when they visit a birdbath in her back yard.


Aster is the mean old stray cat. Mrs. Florrie found the cat irresistible and tries to lure him to be her cat. She named him Aster after her flowers in the garden. Aster being a stray cat did not have a name, and since he cannot speak human, he cannot object to such a foofy name. The cat is much too independent for such refinements, however, feels guilty not indulging an old lady, plus Aster cannot resist the fresh milk.


Prim is a parakeet. He is the husband of Rose and the father of Bud. He is militant in his strictness, and does not put up with any nonsense. He keeps Bud, Snootle and Repty in line when they get into mischief in the backyard.


Rose is the loving wife of Prim and the mother of Bud. She is often in the yard of Mrs. Florrie having tea and discussing old times. The family, Prim, Rose and Bud used to live in a cage at Mrs. Florrie’s house. However, having escaped, they now live in a tree house in Snootle’s yard. Snootle and Mrs. Florrie are neighbors.

Dr. Foster

Dr. Foster is the veterinarian of all the animals from dogs to snakes. He also boards the critters overnight for when the humans want to go on vacation without their pets.