Snootle Books

Snootle ™ was created by Tia Petty, and debuted in 2004 via There are two very different books available featuring this adorable puppy-dog. 

Snootle, the self-titled book, has been written in a comic strip format, and can be read in several ways. The comic is about a melodramatic puppy who teams up with an over-opinionated garden snake in order to keep their human out of trouble. You can read it from cover to cover, thumb through it and choose the comics that catch your eye for a quick laugh, or you can open up a page and read the story. Each story was written as a two-page spread from beginning to end. The first image of the story gives the reader an idea about the rest of the story. It is a fun, colorful and dynamic book. This big book of Snootle has nearly 100 pages and is suitable for all ages.

The latest book, Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy, is a 25-page children’s book about Snootle meeting Patrick for the first time. They have to learn how to live with each other and survive puppyhood. It gives basic, but effective tips in dog obedience training. The book is written in a simple way so young readers can understand. It has many laughs to keep mom and dad entertained while reading to their children. 

Both books were created entirely on an iPad Pro.

The concept of Snootle came about from the reality of living through the joys of puppyhood. Instead of getting angry at the puppy chaos, Petty channeled her frustrations into a funny comic strip. The Snootle character was designed after the artist’s yellow, pointy-eared dogs. The name Snootle derived a mashup of her dog names of Doodles and Snoot. 

Snootle the comic strip debuted at in 2004. Snootle the paperback book published in Nov. 28, 2017 and is available in paperback at $19.99. Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy the Kindle version published on April 27, 2018 and is available for free under Kindle Unlimited, or $2.99 to own. The paperback version published on May 2, 2018 and is available for $9.99. All books are made and printed in the USA and are available on

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Snootle Beyond the Comic Strips

Have no fear, for more Snootle entertainment is here!!

Each week on Comical Tuesday, a new Snootle comic will be shown! Snootle has been expanded beyond the traditional comic strip! On Zany Thursdays the surprises will always be different! You will get a variety Snootle fun such as coloring pages, games, watercolors, throwbacks and maybe in the future – Snootle ANIMATIONS!!!

But that is not all! No, no, no my dear friends! Books! There are books in the works! And the first book is called Snootle, Volume 1, which will be available on in the matter of a few weeks!

Eeeeeeee happy puppies!